Gamez On Wheelz Macon

Gamez on Wheelz is Middle Georgia's number one video game truck by reputation. We have served the Middle Georgia for the the past year with unbeatable reliability, punctuality, and a love for video games that is unmatched in the industry. This means that your big day will be run seamless by professional video gamers so you can sit back and relax.

Video games are our passion and we deliver the fun to your doorstep inside our professionally designed, custom video game theaters. Our parties are designed for 16-20 gamers at a time inside the the all-weather and climate-controlled video game truck - that's right our parties are all-weather so your event will never be rained out!

Our mobile video game trucks are complete with all the latest game systems and the newest games to ensure your birthday gamers are not disappointed. We take video games serious and strive to have video game library with all the top titles for multiplayer gaming. We are also experts in video games so we have the knowledge and patience to help out the most novice gamers with the fundamentals of video game fun inside the video game truck.

So if you are looking for the best video game party experience in Georgia we are here to make your big day special. Our video game trucks are always on time and always managed by a video game professional that is an expert in managing large groups of children ages 5yrs and up.

What Makes Us Different From Other GameTrucks?!
We Provide the ``Ultimate Gaming`` Experience!

Not only do we provide the ultimate gaming experience, We also provide extras to ensure that your party is with with friends and family

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